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BUS 899 [02] - Independent Study

Class number: 4379 | Units: 1 - 3


Prerequisites: Restricted to graduate Business students; permission of the instructor, adviser, and department chair; open only to graduate students who demonstrate the ability to work independently. Intensive study of a particular problem under the direction of a business faculty member. (Plus-minus letter grade only) [CSL may be available]

Class Notes

  • * See University Bulletin or department for concurrent enrollment requirements and/or prerequisites.
  • * This course hosts the Global Business and Society (GBS) Fellows Program sponsored by the Lam-Larsen Emerging and Developing Economies Initiative and International Business Department. The GBS Fellows Program aims to offer a platform for interested students to develop a deeper understanding of United Nation's sustainable development goals (SDGs) and how global business can contribute to achieving these goals. The program invites entrepreneurs and experts in different areas to talk about various critical issues facing the world today. Examples of the topics include: climate change and sustainability; food security; major global health issues; gender equality; poverty and regional economic development; education; digital transformation and blockchain. If you have any questions, please reach out to the program coordinator, Professor Bo Ferns at
  • * To be arranged

Enrollment Requirements

  • Must be graduate Business students to enroll in this course.

Course Attributes

  • Graduate Division
  • PRMS Permission number required

Type, Location and Meeting:

Type Days Times Location Dates Instructor
Supervision To be arranged 26-AUG-2024 - 13-DEC-2024 To be announced

Textbook/Other Materials

Textbooks to be determined

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