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AIS 310 [01 ] - American Indian Religion and Philosophy

Class number: 6668 | Units: 3


Prerequisites: GE Areas A1*, A2*, A3*, and B4* all with grades of C- or better or consent of the instructor. Religious and philosophical aspects of the lifestyles of certain plains tribes in what is now called the U.S. Ancient religion, visions, and deity structures and how they have survived and have been modified by the impact of European cultures.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Must have completed GE Areas A1, A2, A3, and B4 all with grades of C- or better to enroll in this course.

Course Attributes

  • SFSU SF State Studies: Amer Ethnic & Racial Minorities
  • SFSU SF State Studies: Global Perspectives
  • SFSU SF State Studies: Social Justice
  • GEUD UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities
  • Upper-Division

Type, Location and Meeting:

Type Days Times Location Dates Instructor
Lecture Online 24-AUG-2020 - 11-DEC-2020 Edwardo Madril

Textbook/Other Materials

Status Title ISBN Price
Required Native North America
by Zimmerman

Type: Book
Publisher:University of Oklahoma Press
Edition: N/A, Year: 1996
Notes: Used Price:15.00 USD
9780806132860 $19.95

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